The Year of Queen Victoria (2019)

Queen Victoria -The Famine Queen

In 1900, Irish activist Maud Gonne referred to Queen Victoria as the ‘Famine Queen’. This nickname stuck as Irish Nationalism, and a quest for independence from the United Kingdom gained traction.  Before this, while British laissez-faire capitalist policies were often blamed for the extent of the devastation felt during the famine, the Queen herself had [read more]

Kunigunde of Poland

The Franziskaner-Klosterkirche ruins in Berlin

The Franziskaner-Klosterkirche was founded in 1250 as a monastery church. It evolved over the years but was closed during the Reformation in 1539. The monastic buildings are gone now but the church continued to evolve. The church was destroyed during the bombing of Berlin on 3 April 1945. The ruins were not secured until 1959 [read more]

mary victoria hamilton
Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton

Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton – The absent Princess

The daughter of our Scotch duke will become a sovereign princess. Her future Kingdom, it is true, is scarcely as extensive as is one of her brother’s estates, but, nevertheless, the Principality has maintained its independence for many centuries. The fair and amiable Lady Hamilton is the Emperor’s cousin. Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton was born [read more]