Sirikit of Thailand

Queen Sirikit of Thailand – The creation of an image (Part one)

The future Queen Sirikit was born on 12 August 1932 as the daughter of Prince Nakkhatra Mangkala Kitiyakara and Mom Luang Bua Snidvongs at the home of her maternal grandfather. She had two elder brothers, Mom Rajawongse Kalyanakit Kitiyakara (1929-1987) and Mom Rajawongse Adulakit Kitiyakara (1930-2004) and a younger sister, Mom Rajawongse Busba Kitiyakara (1934). [read more]

queen victoria

Queen Victoria & Becoming the longest-reigning British monarch (until Queen Elizabeth II)

Until 9 September 2015, Queen Victoria held the title of the longest-reigning British monarch; on that day, her great-great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her. Elizabeth II is now the longest-reigning British monarch and the world’s longest-reigning current monarch. Victoria took the throne upon the death of her uncle, King William IV, on 20 June 1837 [read more]

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Book News October 2019

Long Live the Queens: Mighty, Magnificent and Bloody Marvellous Monarchs History’s Forgotten Hardcover – 17 October 2019 (UK & US) Powerful and influential kings have long dominated our view of global history, their queens often relegated to the shadows, their influence, deeds and sacrifices unacknowledged and lost in the passing of time. But not anymore… This [read more]