Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria

Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria & Stolzenfels Castle

The original Stolzenfels castle in Koblenz in Germany was built in the 13th century but it was destroyed by the French in 1689. The ruins of the castle were gifted to the future Frederick William IV of Prussia in 1823 and he had it rebuilt in the current gothic style. Inauguration of the Gothic chapel occurred [read more]

elizabeth i
Elizabeth I

Queens Regnant – Elizabeth I of England

Elizabeth was born on 7 September 1533 at Greenwich Palace as the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. She had an older half-sister, Mary, from her father’s first marriage to Catherine of Aragon, but Mary had been declared illegitimate, and so Elizabeth was born heiress presumptive to the English throne. She [read more]

constanza manuel

Constanza Manuel’s Imprisonment

Constanza Manuel was born in 1316 as the daughter of Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena and Duke of Peñafiel and Constance of Aragon, a daughter of James II of Aragon. Still only a child she married Alfonso XI of Castile on 28 November 1325. She was Queen for just two short years. Alfonso dissolved the marriage and quickly remarried [read more]