margaret of navarre
Margaret of Navarre

Margaret of Navarre – Medieval Sicily’s most powerful Queen (Part three)

Read part two here. Margaret’s Later Regency Margaret’s power did not outlast Stephen’s departure for very long. Soon afterwards, ten men of her court, including Henry, Bishop Gentile, Matthew of Aiello, and Caid Richard formed a regency council. One of the council’s first acts was to expel Margaret’s cousin, Gilbert, from the kingdom, despite her [read more]

wilhelmina regent
Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont

Queen Emma’s regency law

After the death of Alexander, Prince of Orange, it became clear that it would be Wilhelmina who would succeed her father, and she would probably be a minor too. A regent would be required, and the Dutch Constitution demanded that a situation like that should be dealt with in a new law. The last time [read more]