Viola of Teschen – An unlikely Queen

In 1305, the young king Wenceslaus III of Bohemia wed Viola of Teschen much to the surprise and disapproval of his subjects.  For years he had been betrothed to the heiress of Hungary, Elizabeth.  He was even still betrothed to her when he married Viola.  What made him chose Viola, a daughter of one of [read more]

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Margaret of Bohemia – A funeral instead of a wedding

There are many “what-ifs” in history.  One major “what-if” is the proposed marriage of Casimir III of Poland to Margaret of Bohemia.  This marriage could have improved relations between the neighbouring kingdoms of Bohemia and Poland, as well as provided Casimir with heirs.  However, Margaret died soon before the marriage was supposed to happen, relations [read more]