Elene of Georgia’s first love

Darejan Dadiani, Elene's mother (public domain)

Princess Elene of Georgia was born circa 1753 as the second but eldest surviving child of King Herclius II of Georgia and his third wife, Darejan Dadiani. Not much is known of her youth, and she first appears when she has a love affair with Prince Zakaria Andronikashvili, who was a soldier and 13 years older than her. Her father was not amused at the match, and Prince Zakaria was forced into retirement to Russia. Princess Elene was quickly married off to Prince Archil of Imereti, a younger brother of King Solomon I of Imereti. Imereti was considered a separate kingdom within the Kingdom of Georgia.

Princess Elene and Prince Archil had three children, Princess Barbare, Prince David (later King Solomon II) and Princess Mariam. Prince Archil died suddenly on 6 October 1775. Elene was apparently quite depressed after his death, and Heraclius finally relented. In 1785 he allowed her to marry her first love Prince Zakaria. The fairy tale would end soon after though as Elene died of complications after giving birth to a daughter, Khoreshan. Her daughter survived and went on to have five children of her own.

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